Never Be Without It

From the album: Running to Follow


You hold it all together
There within your hand
A life that’s beyond measure
A love that has no end
You offered up your utmost
The beating of your heart
You saved me from my dead-end
And gave me a new start

My old life is dead and gone
‘Cause I’ve met you
My new life is my real life
Thank you, Jesus,
‘Cause all I need is in you

Your love, your love
I’ll never be without it
Your love, your love
I will never have to doubt it
I’ve never felt so good in over my head
Your love, your love
I will never be without it
Never be without your love

The past is obsolete now
What I was, I am no more
That label’s peeling off now
Christ is my redeemer
I give You my utmost
The center of my heart
My life is just beginning
Here is where I start

The past is obsolete now
Now, I am Yours